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What is Virtual Sponsorship?

Virtual Adoptee

CatTown Rescue houses many different cats of all ages and types and there's nothing sadder than seeing a cat that is in many cases unplaceable with a family for many reasons. Those reasons range from extreme physical health, fear issues, many health issues that cause much extra work and care such as cleanup, shots, medicines and many other variables. We are prepared to do all the work of caring for these extra special needs cats, but unfortunately for them we don't have the means to do this on our own and so we ask for your help.

Our Virtual Adoptables Gallery will be browsable soon and every one of them would thank you if they could for sponsoring them. You can choose from many of our unfortunates that really need your donations and tell us which one(s) you'd like to sponsor and we'll apply your donations to your chosen virtual pet's needs. We are prepared to do all the work of caring for these extra special needs cats, but unfortunately we don't always have the financial means to provide everything that they need, so we are asking for your help.

We've Got Your Special Furry Friends!

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So Many Kitties, So Few Homes!

Our gallery has many of our feline friends that are available for adoption whether you're looking to adopt a new friend to take home or if you're looking to virtually adopt one or more to help with the costs of their care.

Please check out our special needs cats and if you can help us care for them, please donate.