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Spay & Neuter - PLEASE!

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Cats multiply!

One pair of cats can turn into a lot of cats and if everyone would get their cats fixed it would cut down on the numbers of cats abandoned or ending up in shelters. Spaying and neutering can make a really big difference to our community and to the cats. There's no reason why we can't be responsible for our pets!


A cat waits in the vet clinic radiology room for her turn to be spayed. She was caught the night before and it is going to be a long and stressful day but we find a quiet place at the clinic for her to stay.

Another positive impact of spaying and neutering is that it decreases intake numbers and euthanasia rates of cats at local shelters. Vast numbers are killed every year and spaying and neutering has been proven to be a very effective way to control populations far better than our present methods. We also provide hands on education to the public about how to be a responsible pet owner and the consequences of irresponsible pet ownership. Taking care of our abandoned pets might even provide some sort of example to our children so that they grow up to take more responsibility for the animals that we domesticate than our generation has. How can any of that be bad.

A lot of people complain about spaying and neutering feral and abandoned animals, labeling it as a waste of time and resources, but studies show it controls cat populations far better than ignoring the problem or trapping and killing the cats. Stray Feral Rescue/CatTown does as many Trap/Neuter/Return (TRN) projects as we can afford to do. Painted Sky Veterinary in Amery helps us with WI cats and in MN we use the wonderful services provided by the Animal Humane Society's Return to Field program, Natural Pet Health, and MNSnap. We see the results of TNR. Fixed cats are easier for a neighborhood to live with, the population slowly decreases, the cats are healthier, the cats have rabies vaccinations so it serves public health.

We are getting fewer kitten calls each spring and fall. The shelters and rescue foster homes don't fill as fast so that the larger groups are able to assist the smaller rescues with adoption resources. Best of all, the cats have a chance to have a life, we are able to link up outside cats with people willing to feed and watch over them. We are able to find indoor homes for some, occasionally reunite owners with lost cats. It's a win win for everyone but those people that hate cats (and even they win as those cats are controlling the rodent population that would otherwise be eating their way into their garages and homes.)


Nadine and Dr. Eric are sedating a very wild feral cat in order to spay her. She will get her ears checked and will receive vaccinations and an overall health inspection.

Spaying and neutering is so important. The only way that we can ever change the sad fate of so many cats in shelters who will lose their lives, and the cats who are out there trying to survive on their own, is by cutting down on the number of kittens born year after year. Please get your animals spayed and neutered, and if you can, help us with your donations.

We get so many calls from people about the cat that keeps having kittens in their garage and they don't mind feeding one cat but can't have all those kittens and they can't afford the full price to fix the cat. So the cat keeps having kittens and the kittens have kittens….. We help to get as many of those cats fixed as we can and it makes a difference. Even if the people find homes for those kittens some of those end up abandoned in someone elses garage having kittens. It just keeps going unless people like you and me step in to help by stopping the whole process.

Please make a donation! If you are an animal lover who would be willing to help us with fundraising, events or donations, or would be willing to help care for a colony, please go to our Contact page and let us know. Every little bit helps!