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Your donation with provide vet care for sick and injured cats as well as spay, neuter and vaccinations. It will help feed a LOT of cats as well as provide warm winter shelter, and help us get homes for any adoptable cats.

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Some of the Cats We Have Saved!

We'd like to share some truly heartwarming success stories.

Did we provide help for your feline friend(s)?  Want to share that success story with us?  Use our contact form and Contact Us and share your story or keep us posted on how your new friend is doing.  You may just find your story here too!

Your donations make all of this possible.  We welcome any help you can provide to these loving little creatures.  Please contact us and let us know how you can help.

Click the images below for a larger clickable gallery. Enjoy the success that you have helped bring about!


Chikitada - she is a lover, but on her terms. She is not very demanding, but when she wants a snuggle at night she will bug you till she gets it. She needs claw trimming fairly frequently because she is a pattypawer and likes to snuggle next to you and knead.  She is an older cat and has some food allergy problems so needs to be on a grain free diet.


Brewster - Brewster is an easy going guy. He is also not too demanding. Likes to sit on laps now and then, likes to play and likes to climb up onto high furniture. He gets along well with other cats.


Tootsie - was found near Baldwin. Her leg, hip and tail had been crushed and somehow she was managing to survive. One of our board members found her. She had to have her tail and leg totally removed but now she is doing fine and can almost run as fast as the 4 legger guys. an older girl. She is pretty easy going. She needs to be brushed now and then, but doesn't need a lot of attention. She does like to sleep on the bed and snooze in sunny spots.

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Louise - was abandoned outside of Somerset WI in some nasty winter weather. She wandered into our colony in that area while we were relocating the cats. She was starving so we took her into foster care. She is fattening up now and is a very sweet cat. She loves can food and cardboard boxes. We guess she is about 3 or 4 maybe. She gets along well with cats but seems a little intimidated by them until she gets to know them well. She's a little on the timid side.


Gizmo - is a pretty girl about 4 years old. She is sometimes overly friendly. She grew up with a mom and two teen age girls who spoiled her rotton. She is very proficient at stealing tidbits off plates, and getting into things in general, but she is a very pretty cat and is loving and snuggly the rest of the time.


Ditz - is a female about 6 years old. She is a small cat, and easy to get along with. She loves to snuggle in at bedtime and get ears rubbed. She likes treats and toys.

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CallyCo - a female calico cat with soft fluffy short fur, about 5-6 years old. She is a very pretty cat with a laid back personality so is not real demanding for attention. She likes to be petted and brushed. Likes to curl up in a lap now and then but she isn't the clingy type. She loves sunny spots to sleep in and loves ham.


Tadpole - A calico girl about 5-6 years old. She has very short fur, and is a good size cat. She has an impish nature so can get into things and into trouble now and then, and she has a little tiny, high pitched voice. She can be quite snuggly at times and likes to sleep on beds - up on the pillow end mostly.


Tippy - came to us from Deer Park where a not-so-friendly homeowner was putting out leg traps to catch and kill cats when they'd come in his yard. Tippy got lucky and was found after escaping the trap but his right rear leg was unfortunately no longer attached. He healed up well and manages to get around without a problem.

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Merlin - This is Merlin. He lived with a professional singer named Gina for most of his life, but his health started to fail. He got sick and with Gina's busy schedule, doing shows all over the country, she wasn't able to devote the time needed to care for him and didn't have the financial resources at the time with the poor economy. Lucky for Merlin and Gina, one of her old band members is now the director of Stray Feral Rescue! We found he had diabetis and intestinal problems. Later we found that the intestinal problems were linked to congestive heart failure. He has to be given insulin twice a day, needs a special diet for diabetic cats as well as high fiber supplimentation.

When we found the heart problems Merlin had to go on pills to regulate his heart rate and blood pressure and more pills to prevent fluid retention. Now that we have things more or less under control he is doing OK. He doesn't have the pep he used to have and he sleeps a lot but he is content and has his little buddy (the little grey cat in the photo) to cuddle with. We hope to give him as much good quality time as we can. Your donations helped to make this little guys life healthier and happier!


QuasiCataMoto - This little lady is a long haired orange cat who was abandoned during a cold winter. She was an indoor cat so had no idea how to take care of herself outside. The weather at the time was about 20° below.  She froze her ears off, and somehow (we can't tell if she crawled into some machinery or was attacked by a dog or coyote) had one side of her face torn through from top of head to chin, and one eye ripped out. We nursed her back to health and she is now a one eyed, spoiled baby.

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RoadKill - She was hit by a car at 6 months old, and the lady that hit her brought her here as she had no money to take her to a vet. The vet had to amputate her tail, and remove the top of the leg bone that goes into her hip socket. The lower part of that leg was broken badly and she had a lot of bruises and cuts. Dr. Eric, the miracle worker, pulled her thru. Thankfully we still had supplies from a previous cat so we were all set for another one with these problems. She is doing great. The lady that dropped her here promised to bring her food and litter, but we have yet to get any help from her. We're glad that she brought her here though. She's just a very sweet cat and it's amazing that she can run and play just like any other cat.

The end of the railway

Missy - is a bold and curious cat with a great personality. She was caught during a TNR effort after eing born and spending the beginning of her life outside. Missy has grown to love being petted and played with interactively by her human companions but she is not really suited to being a lap cat. She loves feline companionship.