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Why We Need Your Donations!

These and many more cats need your help today. We can't do it all without you. Please consider donating and changing the life of a lovable little critter.

Many people ask us, and wonder about where the money they donate is used, what cat's will benefit from their donations and just how much does some of the things needed cost. Although this isn't every detail, this should give you a good idea of just where your donations will go. Below you'll find the most current cats needing assistance and what they need assistance for as well as a list of those needing ongoing assistance for medications and special diets and such.

Please find it in your heart to donate to help these cats to live more fulfillling and happy lives. Please feel free to Contact Us if you don't see what you're looking for here or if you have more questions. Also if you don't see the cat listed here that you have dontated to help, be sure to look at the Successes page as that is most likely where it's been moved to with your help, thank you!

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Pillowcase Pete (9/12) - Pillowcase pete was dropped off here Friday. His owner ended up in jail for drugs and the cat ended up with the guys dad who didn't want him and didn't take care of him. He put Pete in a pillowcase and tied it shut and plopped him on the floor of his SUV and brought him here along with 4 cans of cat food. He told me that he was a little neglected but he had given him a little milk now and then.

Pete cried every time he saw someone move. He could barely stand and when he did he was so shakey. He is covered with bare spots from either the fleas or ringworm. I can't tell for sure. Fleas I think tho. He had a lot of them and it looks like flea allergy. He wouldn't eat so I've been syringing high nutritional food into him and today he was able to walk a ways, and he started eating on his own. He's a really sweet cat – very loving and friendly despite all he's been thru.

Update on Pillocase Pete (11/17/12): We got Petey eating good food, got rid of his fleas, got him wormed and cleaned up. The food and good care brought him around, but we saw that he still had a lot of weakness in his rear end . Although it had improved a little as he got healthier, he was still having some problems. Pillowcase Pete got his chance to see the vet to see what was causing the trouble. Star Prairie Vet, Eric Hanson looked him over and let us know that he is doing well, and has no problems with pain regarding his hips and rear legs. It appears that it was caused by some sort of trauma. We don’t know if Pete had an accident or was injured by someone, but he’s definitely been left with spinal nerve damage that will problably not get better. He does OK though, just a little wobbly sometimes. We are spoiling him rotten and he deserves it.


FatSammy (9/12) - Four year old Fat Sammy was just allowed to eat and eat. Her brother used to live with her family too but died of a heart attack at almost 30 lbs. He was even bigger than she is. Her size (20 lbs on a tiny cat frame) and the stress of being surrendered has done a lot of damage to her liver. Stress in cats makes their metabolism speed up so that they burn fat. When cats burn fat it goes to their liver. In other animals it will be metabolized there and sent out to the body for energy. In cats, it goes to the liver and then it just sits there. Since they aren't getting any energy out of it they need to burn more fat which goes to their liver and then sits there doing more damage. When there is enough damage done then the cat gets sick and you get vomiting and diarrhea.

That is where Fat Sammy is now and of course all the vet clinics are closed on Labor Day weekend. First thing Tuesday morning she is going in to get a liver enzyme check and will probably get a feeding tube installed so I can get enough food into her to prevent liver failure and hopefully after a couple weeks of tube feeding 4-5 times a day she will be able to eat on her own again and then slowly lose weight, her liver will recover and heal to some extent, and she can be the cat she should have been and have a happy life. 

FatSammy Update!! (9/4/12) - Fat Sammy went to see the vet this morning! Her liver is not trashed yet, but she is sick and unless we can get her eating she will end up with major liver damage which could kill her. When cats are surrendered they stress out rather badly. They are confused and scared and often that makes them not want to eat. It is hard to tell which cats are stressed and which are getting sick. Often the stress lowers their immune system and they do get sick on top of the stress. We have Fat Sammy on antibiotics twice a day, a medication to alleviate her nausea every 8 hours so she won't have to keep throwing up and can keep some food in. We will be syringing food into her every couple hours, and we have to give her subcutaneous fluids once a day as well. Fortunately with her sweet disposition it should all go well and she will recover and then we can see about getting her weight down so she can be a healthy 4 year old!

Update on Fat Sammy(11/17/12): Fat Sammy got thru the last bout and was just coming around, but is now fighting off a feline herpes infection. It is pretty much like a bad cold with a sinus infection. She is on medication for the herpes and antibiotics for the secondary infections, but she hates to have to take it. We are mixing it with baby food and syringing into her. We've also found we have to syringe food into her. She fights it but, immediately forgives us once we got it down her. We are still concerned with her losing weight too fast so will have to get her in for a liver tests.

Please see our Tips & Tricks page for more info on how to NOT get a fat cat!