Why We Need Your Donations!

These and many more cats need your help. We can't do it all without you. Please consider donating and changing the life of a lovable little critter.

Many people ask us, and wonder about where the money they donate is used, what cat's will benefit from their donations and just how much does some of the things needed cost. Although this isn't every detail, this should give you a good idea of just where your donations will go. Below you'll find cats we are helping or have helped that need your assistance for surgeries, medications, special diets and such. Please find it in your heart to donate to help these cats to live more fulfilling and happy lives.

Pillowcase Pete - Pillowcase Pete was owned by a druggie who ended up in jail for dealing. Pete ended up with the guys dad, who didn't want him and didn't take care of him. He kept him for a week or so and put some milk out for him now and then. He found us and put Pete in a pillowcase and tied it shut and plopped him on the floor of his SUV and brought him here along with 4 cans of cat food.

Pete cried every time he saw someone move. He could barely stand and when he did he was so shaky. He was covered with bare spots from fleas and ringworm. He wouldn't eat so we fed him high nutritional food by syringe, and he started eating on his own. He was never able to walk normally, but he got around ok. A really sweet cat – very loving and friendly despite all he'd been through.

FatSammy - our year old Fat Sammy was just allowed to eat and eat. Her brother used to live with her family too, but he died of a heart attack at almost 30 lbs. He was even bigger than she is. Her size (20 lbs. on a tiny cat frame) and the stress of being surrendered has done a lot of damage to her liver. Stress in cats makes their metabolism speed up and can cause big problems. Some cats try to burn all the fat they’ve accumulated but they can’t use it for energy. Since they aren't getting any energy out of it they need to burn more fat. All that fat they pull out gets deposited in their liver and then sits there doing more damage. When there is enough damage done the cat gets sick and you get vomiting and diarrhea.

That is where Fat Sammy was when we got him on Labor Day Weekend, and of course all the vet clinics were closed that day. The following Tuesday morning she went in to get a liver enzyme check and a feeding tube installed so we could get enough food into her to prevent liver failure. After a couple weeks of tube feeding, 4-5 times a day, she could eat on her own again and then slowly lose weight. Her liver recovered and healed to some extent, and she can have a happy life.

QuasiCataMoto - This little senior lady was abandoned during a cold winter. She was an indoor cat so had no idea how to take care of herself outside. The weather at the time was about 20° below zero. She froze her ears off, and somehow (we can't tell if she crawled into some machinery or was attacked by a dog or coyote) had one side of her face torn through from the top of her head down to her chin and one eye ripped out. We nursed her back to health and she became a one eyed, spoiled baby.

Roadkill - She was hit by a car at 6 months old, and the lady that hit her brought her here as she had no money to take her to a vet. The vet had to amputate her tail, and remove the top of the leg bone that goes into her hip socket. This is the same as if they removed the bone from your hip down halfway to your knee. Fortunately cats are built differently than people and the muscles and tendons can make up for the loss. The lower part of that leg was also broken badly and she had a lot of bruises and cuts.

Thankfully we still had supplies from a previous cat so we were all set for another one with these problems. Dr. Eric Hanson, the miracle worker, pulled her through, and she did great. The lady that dropped her here promised to bring her food and litter, but we never got any help from her. We're glad that she brought Roadkill here though. She's just a very sweet cat and it's amazing that she can run and play just like any other cat. She was adopted after she healed up.

Tootsie - She was found by one of our board members on the side of the highway near Baldwin. Her leg, hip and tail had been crushed and somehow she was managing to survive. She had to have her tail and leg totally removed but now she is doing fine and can almost run as fast as the 4 legged guys. An older girl, she is pretty easy going. She needs to be brushed now and then, but doesn't need a lot of attention. She does like to sleep on the bed and snooze in sunny spots at her new home.

Please see our Tips & Tricks page for more info on how to NOT get a fat cat!

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