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Donate Today!

Your donation with provide vet care for sick and injured cats as well as spay, neuter and vaccinations. It will help feed a LOT of cats as well as provide warm winter shelter, and help us get homes for any adoptable cats.

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Can you Help?

All donations of any amount are most appreciated no matter how small.

Just a few dollars can feed a couple cats for a whole week so don't think that a small amount is not needed. If all you can spare is a couple dollars we would gladly and most gratefully accept it.

Please use the Donate button in the left sidebar to make your donations. We thank you so very much in advance!

Please use the contact form on our Contact Us page if you would like more information on how you can donate time volunteering to work at the center. Time is as precious as money and any time that you can spare to help out would be greatly appreciated.