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We are all about cats!

Our mission is to help cats.

You would think that would be a relatively easy thing to do but the challenges involved continue to amaze us.

Our established colonies are doing great, and glad to say, no new kittens, we have spayed and neutered a lot of strays and ferals from other places, helped a lot of low income people, with food and spays, but with every phone call that comes in we find ourselves frustrated by lack of funding, transportation issues, and most of all, by having to deal with humans. This rescue thing would be so simple if it was just a matter of helping the cats, but when you add people to the mix it can get so complicated.

Besides the standard abuse that we see, we deal with people that call us for help with a cat, then get mad when we ask if they can catch it or transport it to us. They get mad if we ask why they need to get rid of a cat that they own. They get mad if we tell them that we are out of money and ask if they can contribute. For many of us it is that part of rescue that burns us out, yet we keep on. Our mission is to help the cats, and often it does have the benefit of helping out good and caring people as well.

We are just now completing the TNR on one new colony. More than 20 kittens from this colony have been rehomed, and we are hoping that we get all the females spayed to prevent any more. This is a group based on a hobby farm and the cats wander thru a pretty big semi-rural neighborhood with a lot of cat traffic between there and area farms so it might take a while before we get them all caught and fixed as we will be catching cats from those farms as well. We are so grateful that the people involved have been so helpful.

We are also working with two new colonies that are pushing us to our limits when it comes to the challenge of dealing with people. We are doing our best to convince the property owners that fixing the cats will make things better, and we can't fix them without their permission. Both insist that they don't need to spay or neuter, and both colonies were severely malnourished, so we are providing food, but that is only going to increase the birth rate. Quite the dilemma. Do we feed and increase the population or let them die of malnutrition which is keeping the population somewhat stable, (although the one colony caregiver just shoots cats if the population grows too large). We chose to feed and keep trying to convince the people to let us fix the cats but keep wondering if it is the right decision or not.

We have helped a lot of people with injured and sick cats again this year. A few leg amputations, a couple broken legs, a badly ruptured ear drum, three eye removals, the list goes on. We trapped a feral that was almost blind and another that had a viral infection that took her vision. After 5 months of socialization both are now willing to deal with humans. We still have a few more months so go this year so who knows what else will come our way. Kitten season was late this fall so we are still getting calls about abandoned kittens, and unwanted litters, but every year there seems to be fewer and this shows us that what we are doing is working!

If anyone visiting here knows of a cat lover with a farm, farmette, or rural outbuildings that would be willing to feed and water and let us put up some cat warming houses, please let us know! We spay and neuter, provide vaccinations, provide vet care where needed, and can even help out with cat food if the people find it a hardship. Contact us or pass the info along to anyone that might help out. We need places where cats can go!

Thank you all who donated to help us do so much for these wonderful little animals!

Thank you for your interest in Stray Feral Rescue and CatTown! If you are interested in adopting a cat, please check our CatTown adoption pages here as well as Stray Feral's adoptable animals at www.rsq.petfinder.org. Also check us out on Facebook at Stray Feral Rescue Facebook and CatTown Rescue Facebook and don't forget to "like" us!!!

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